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YRYO is committed to helping immigrants from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds by providing timely social service, employment and economic support services, and training and education services. We specially assist those who are disadvantaged by barriers in language, employment and social isolation. We work in cooperation with other community organizations in Ontario to meet the needs of clients.

Newcomer Services Offer

  • Settlement Services: individual counselling, workshops, and referrals to other appropriate services and resources
  • English language (LINC and ELT) training programs
  • Career mentorship for Internationally Trained Individuals, through The Mentorship Partnership (TMP)

Settlement Services

Settlement and Integration Program- a Canadian model of settlement and integration which aims to enable newcomers such as newly arrived immigrants, refugees, new Canadians and live-in caregivers to adapt, settle and integrate into Canadian society socially, economically as quickly and comfortably as possible. Services include newcomer’s orientation and information, form filling assistance, assisted access to services and social support that focus on cross-cultural interpretation, family adjustment issues, settlement counseling (Guided Pathway), life skills workshops and community connections which connects newcomers with community events, services and institutions.
The Settlements Services Program helps newcomers get started in their new surroundings in Ontario and successfully integrate into Canadian Society.

Service Offerings

  • Newcomer Orientation and Information
  • Finding housing
  • Transportation
  • School information for children
  • Tax information and benefits
  • Learning how to find employment
  • Childcare resources and child tax benefits
  • Citizenship and immigration
  • Assistance with form filling, interpretation or translation of:
  • Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • Canada Child Tax Benefits (CCTB)
  • Ontario Housing/Rental Assistance Program
  • Employment Insurance (EI)
  • Childcare subsidy
  • Immigration applications
  • GST/HST Credit application

One of the challenges faced by newcomers is adapting to Canadian culture. Homesickness, coping with a new environment, dealing with community members from different ethnicities is just some of the hurdles new immigrants face as they adjust to their new life in Canada. YRYO Newcomer Resources provides support services to clients such as:

  • Cross-cultural orientation
  • Family adjustment issues
  • Significant life changes
  • Life Skills Workshops

Be armed with the basic tools and help ease your adjustment into the community. The YRO Newcomer Life Skills Workshops provides information that eases the integration of newcomers. Workshop topics include:

  • Community resources
  • Employment Standards and Labour Code
  • Immigration process and options
  • Legal rights
  • Parenting
  • Values and self-esteem
  • English communication skills
  • Basic computer courses
  • Preparing for citizenship

For more information about immigration and settlement in Ontario visit www.immigrationontario.ca

English Language Classes We offer full-time and part-time Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) classes, ranging from beginner to advanced levels, as well as specialized courses. Experienced and certified instructors deliver the classes, which are based on the LINC curriculum and each group's interests and needs.

Classes include:

  • English communication skills developed through reading, speaking, listening, grammar, and writing exercises;
  • Field trips to historical, cultural and educational places
  • Computer assisted learning

LINC participants must be adult immigrants, convention refugees, or persons to whom Canada intends to grant permanent residence. Canadian citizens are not eligible. Before you start class, a qualified assessor will determine your eligibility and language level. We can make an appointment for your assessment at an approved site.

Class Locations and Times are yet to be determined. Please check again soon.

Coming soon

Visual Arts

Do you love doing crafts? Do you like getting messy and creating new things? If this sounds like you, then you are going to love our visual arts program!

In this program we will be getting our hands dirty by sculpting:

  • We’ll explore different colours by painting…
  • We’ll test ourselves to see if we can create things with just a paper and pencil!...
  • And we’ll put all of our new skills together to do lots of fun arts and crafts!

This fun class is a great introduction to the magic of acting. The young actor explores acting through costumes, story telling, animal exercises, fairy tales, and improvisation. This is a wonderful class to build the young actor’s self esteem by helping them to trust their own unique imagination.Rising 

Stars: Ages 8-9
Students will develop a solid acting technique while having fun in the process. This course includes acting exercises, improvisation, story telling and place/imagination work. In doing so, they will develop a self-confidence that will stay with them in wherever they go. This program has 6 units pertaining to different acting techniques: improvisation, movement, voice, characterization, script writing and directing.

Shining Stars: Ages 10-12
This acting class, will allows our students to focus on the craft of acting as well as performance in a fun and creative environment. This program has 6 units pertaining to different acting techniques: improvisation, movement, voice, characterization, script writing and directing. At the end of the session, students will participate in a showcase, featuring dialogues and monologues that the students have been rehearsing. This showcase will be a wonderful opportunity for students to show what they’ve learned through the program. Each scene or one-act play will be chosen to best suit the talents of the student.

More about the Rising and Shining Stars Units:
Every week we will be focusing our attention on a unit pertaining to the craft of acting. Each unit will provide students with specific skills and will help them with their acting abilities as well as increasing their self-esteem. All of these units build on one another and students will learn that skills learned in each unit will help them with the other units as well. A more informative look at each unit is as follows:

Course Description

York Region Youth Outreach Piano Lessons is a program dedicated to instructing children with basic theory and piano skills. The goal of this program is to instill a love of music in our participants that will be with them for a lifetime. Participants will be practicing songs and theory techniques on keyboards that we will provide. A qualified instructor with a strong music background will teach the lessons and ensure that participants are learning and having fun.

Instructor’s Bio
Chelson A. McDonald is Canadian born. He has been playing the piano and been engaged in the musical arts for over 7 years. Beginning in a small community-based church, Chelson’s expertise has led to his career being expanded locally as well as internationally. He possesses a strong understanding and appreciation for the introduction of musical arts to students who have the desire to learn. Chelson is proficient in a variety of genres such as classical, contemporary and more. Chelson has experience with learning material of all levels including beginners, intermediate and advanced. His style is designed for students who are interested in playing for leisure, building knowledge base or pursuing a higher skill level worthy of note and performance. His approach is tailored to meet the needs of every individual. Chelson is enthusiastic to provide the necessary skill not only to learn the piano but also to excel at playing this instrument with refined grace and discipline that will inspire.


Please contact us at 905-695-1779 x221 for bookings and locations

$20/half hour (10 lessons)
$22/half hour (5 lessons)
$23/half hour *
(*Must be booked a week prior, requires 48 hour cancellation notice)

*Family Discounts available*
*Tax credit receipt available upon request

Click pdf file to view program flyer


Markham Saturday School Outreach
MSSO was first piloted in the summer of 2012 with five schools in Markham South and had over 400 participating children (age 5 to 9) and youth (10 to 14). The MSSO project provides four options for enrolment: Sports Ball, Tuition, Recreational Yoga and Mega Arts. Children and youth can choose to participate in a combination of two options or just one in the morning or the afternoon. Sports ball leverages Canada’s Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) for both age groups by focusing on “FUNdamentals” and “Learning to Train.” Tuition is a tutoring option for children and youth who may need some extra help with some schoolwork or an upcoming test. Recreational Yoga serves as an introductory yoga class and is taught by a trained and certified instructor. Lastly, Mega Arts is an exploratory series of arts & crafts workshops.The following are the schools that will have our Saturday Outreach Program:

  • Armadale P.S
  • Cedarwood P.S
  • Markham Gateway
  • Coppard Glen
  • Ellen Fairclough

If you would like more details about these programs please feel free to surf each program details orcontact us.

 Sports Ball

This program is based on 4 sports (basketball, volleyball, soccer and cricket) and the basic fundamentals of these sports will be focused on throughout the 8 week time period. Students will have a chance to be taught by NCCP certified guest coaches and from Cricket Canada.


Dedicated and exemplary staff will give tutoring in math, language, and science. This program will be a great way to catch up on homework, and assignments. As well as get extra practice on challenging subjects.


The focus of our Yoga class will be on breathing techniques, body stretching, and core exercises. Physically, it enhances a child’s flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness; improving their concentration, sense of calmness, and relaxation.

Mega Arts

Visual:Children can enjoy a visual arts program which is second to none. Students will participate in hours of arts and crafts of many varieties and styles.

Drama will be incorporated towards the end and students will enjoy the discovery of their creativity.

School Initiatives

YRYO's School Initiatives are projects that gives opportunities for youth within the community to undertake

Literacy Challenge

Do you love to write? Enter the literature contest for a chance to have your piece awarded the literature piece of the year plaque . We will award various winners. There are two categories you can enter under;

Category 1: ArtisticThe first is a call for an artistic written piece which can include: a song, a poem, lyrics, a rap, a jingle.

Category 2: Short AnswerThe second category is a short written piece to respond to the following : What do you believe are the most pressing issues or challenges facing youth today and what are some of the opportunities ?

RulesThe short written response should be a minimum of 2.5 pages (800 words min).
We Will not tolerate any use of profanity and or hate speech- any type of entry will be disqualified and further action may be taken.
The piece must also be original and where you are using someone else’s work (whether friend or other writer) please make sure to acknowledge it.

WinnersWinners will be notified in mid April and will receive an award recognizing their skill and ability. The winning pieces will be judged on originality, creativity and passion and grammar.

DeadlineThe deadline to enter isMarch 18, 2013.

How to applyPlease download the PDF Registration form and submit it with your piece toinfo@yorkoutreach.comor fax it to us at 905-674-5931.


Contest Rules and Details
Our goal is to support business minded youth who also are passionate about changing their communities. We will award three winners and provide each winner with a monetary gift. The winners will be selected based on the following criteria: originality, feasibility and scope of social impact. You must be between the ages of 13-19 during the contest period. We will notify winners towards May 2013 and you will be invited to receive your award at our Awards Ceremony. Contest endsMarch 18, 2013 11:59pm.

What is Social Enterprise?
Social enterprises are businesses that have a blended purpose of generating income and achieving social, cultural, and/or environmental aims.

ResourcesSocial Enterprise Council of Canada:http://www.enterprisingnonprofits.ca/resources/secouncil

Toronto Enterprise Fund:http://www.torontoenterprisefund.ca/

Social Enterprise Fund:http://socialenterprisefund.ca/

Ontario Council of Alternative Businesses:http://www.ocab.ca/

Examples of Social Enterprise:Bike Works in the UK:http://www.bikeworks.org.uk/

Food in Toronto:http://fredvictor.org/friends_restaurant__catering/

Out of This World Café:http://www.otwcafe.com/aboutus.php

How to ApplyDownload application and email toinfo@yorkoutreach.com

YRY Star Athletes

York Region Youth Outreach is proud to recognize Athletes of the Month for boys and girls. Monthly recipients will receive an award. One of these monthly recipients will be selected as Athlete of the Year (female and male). This award will be presented at our Year-end Gala in May 2014.